Whatcha doing with your life?
(I am trying to decide too..riiigggght now! Today I am going to see a college in the field of Fashion Merchandising---pretty excited--tell you how it goes later)

If you are looking into perusing a job in the fashion world, here are some things you need to look into....
-Get a degree (doesn't really matter what degree..I take that back--get a degree in a business related field. So you have options or if you are in love with design get a fashion design degree..with possibly a minor in marketing or something)
-Compare colleges (collegeboard.com)
-Interns...start young with little internships or a positions in retail 
-Start getting to know your designers that appeal to you (which I am working on now too)
And there you go.. just a little bit of information that will go far!


Savvy Mode SG said...

true.... i have a degree in econ so knows about everything but specialized in nothing.

Wendiva said...

i think fashion merchandizing is a great field for people who have passion in it and it seems that you're in the right "shoe" :) good luck!!!