Wanting to 're-do my zimmer (room in german). Wanting earthy and unique items..this project will hopefully start this weekend with all the other projects I have.. boy o boy! Here are some ideas...whatcha think?

Everyone needs to hit up "idio-tone," she just started so it's a good thing to starting following! Unique music that you usually do not hear anywhere, messages that just make sense, and most of all, many can relate to her. I want to direct you to this blog, not because she is my cousin, but because I know it will be an amazing blog!
So many EOHS, it's crazy! Crazy enough that I spelled Shoe's backwards...silly me (or corny me)! SELLING different brands, sizes, colors, and fits to anyone that wants to stand out (Stand out in a inexpensive way--keyword 'inexpensive')! Give it a click and see if these little nuggets are right for you. My objective is to sell items that are usable and unique. I want to let everyone know that I am starting to sell more and more and hope to have items always available! Have a grandiose Week!

Get them HERE
Get these HERE (Click and find other fun shoes-sold by my cousin)

Get them HERE

Get these HERE

Mmmhh! The Vibrant Colours!

(I forgot where I got this if any one knows the designer it would be much appreciated!)

Isn't Life Interesting?

Today I got this e-mail from a friend that had gone to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam a while back, and he just added a fun picture for the heck of it and said I am going to be on his 'list' of people he sends updates to from his travels. Such a simple picture that means a lot. Have you ever thought to put your index finger on a spinning globe and point to a place around the world and think what they are doing right then and there....wonder what you where doing when this picture was taken?

Fun. Creative. Thoughtful.

Went to Yoga today, haven't gone in a really long time...very peaceful! I had time to think through a lot! Find a class and go everyone!

Skirt into a scarf

Jeans: Chip 'n Pepper Shirt:Elie Tahari Scarf: Newsport news skirt made into a scarf 

Chip 'n Pepper

Hey Guys! Traffic was soooo bad today! I am sitting at school (should be doing homework), but with the stress of the cars....I decided to see if anyone would be interested in these BRAND NEW Salt 'n Pepper Jeans.. retail at $176.00. I bought them a size too small (they are a size 26). If anyone is interested send me a comment or e-mail me at and I can send you some more information along with more pictures. Just to let you know I have the next size up and wear them religiously!  The asking price is $50 OBO. 
(Also, if these aren't your taste... keep on coming back because I am starting my e-bay store very very soon!) 

(Those pants are starting to show up everywhere...I am on the look out!)
(Jumpstuites hm...I like! Free people has one that looks similar and not the big price tag as this little nugget!)

Credit: Alexander Wang
Got to, got to go check this designer out. These are amazing pictures of some of the spectancular items, but the lookbook has way more on their page and the pieces of work are incredible, one page after the next! Go!

(This one I think I like the best because it is simple. The top is paired with the same fabic of pants and seems that the top would flow over and need a silver thick belt to break the wonderful pieces apart! Love it!)

Credit: NYmag

VPL began with a simple concept of drawing the inner wear out. By bringing underwear out to become a visible, stylish part of our everyday uniform, VPL style begs the question: what mystery really lies beneath? I love the unique style, and you can always tell their pieces are well made. It keeps the eye wondering and it makes your hands want to reach out and feel the soft but playful combination! I want to be creative when I have the time and make this my inspiration, I just have to find the time and ...well of course the talent! HA!

What I was wearing....
Sequins for the New Years! I found this item at Goodwill for only 5 buck-er-roos! The black shirt is so usable, its from United Colors of Benetton. And the jeans you will never find again.. there Freeman, I got them in Germany and they are my favorite. Unfortunately I can't find them..poo! 
Merry X-Mas/New Year! ALL IN ONE! 

I am just coming back from Las Vegas and I had a lot of fun! Only to set off on more excitement..New Years! I hope everyone had a great one!