CHEAP....excuse me...'inexpensive'
(Just a few things to look at)

Right now I have dark purple nail polish on and I am loving it because lately I have been into wearing black (possibly because I washed all my whites with a dark red sweater..opps!) Anyway, I like this soft grayish color, different than all the black nails out there and suits any outfit this season! Also, I love headbands lately! I like them because it keeps my hair back but adds something to a plain outfit! This wrap has an old-fashion look. It is different and unique!


These shoes are amazing! I like them because you can dress them up or dress them down! You won't believe this, but I got them for a whopping $15! I went to Marshals yesterday in Las Vegas (it was huge!) and came across these little nuggets! Today I was interested in what they are actually going for and to buy them at Nordstorms or Zappos you are looking around 70 dollars to 130 dollars. If anyone else is interested in these 'steal of a deal,' and you can't find them for the price I found them. You am welcome to ask if I can find your size and sell them for $10 more.... there great and I am here till hurrrrrrrrY!

Elie Tahari

In Las Vegas...going shopping (unfortunately) ...NOT

Huge Outlet and I am excited!

ELIE TAHARI will be there! What I love with this designer is the simple pieces... (if anyone knows of T.J. Maxx you can always find them there for cheaper!)
Give yourself a gift this simple piece of jewerly from there...with any plain outfit!


Credit: Craig McDean
Today, I am getting on a plane and flying away to the city that never sleeps and spends money! Both things I do not do or have. You never know though, spending four long, crazy, exciting days in light city might change me! Ah! I have much to do before my flight tonight! Does anyone wait till the last minute to get or make presents? I am making scarfs for family that live up there and need to have it sewn and completed by 3 (not to mention pack)! 
Comfy Cozy:

I am into the large comfy style lately. I am able to be comfortable, but feel that I have some originality. Although, apparently I don't ;-) because I was having fun looking at Childhood flames (a wonderful blog) and found my twin in outfit! 


Glitter Ideas!
I needed to get a gift..and fast! I have a friend in Germany and my father was on his way to go see others close to my friend, so I ran into my closet and picked one of my favorite newly bought vintage sequin shirts. This is a great gift! It is special and can be worn with ripped jeans and flip-flops or a nice pencil skirt with some booties..just an idea?!? Also,
here is an idea on how to wrap presents in a 'creative' way with fashion magazine!

This is one blouse I couldn't give out on one of those.."I need a present... pick something in your closet kind of deals."


Amazing stuff! Peaceful and romantic

This was something gotta check this out! Sophie Hulme

Credit: Michelle Jank

Marooned hits Fashion week..

Save the best for the last! This simple last picture I adore! It is so simple yet so brilliant. It is the same color underneath with two black bold statements. I do that all the time with my brown tall riding boots and my leopard scarf and leave the rest all black. Lets mix it up Kristina…lets go maroon next time! 

Credit: ELLE