So, I have something to show 'n tell! I am looking into what school will fit me the best, trying to get done with this semester, and living in a new city is all over welling but very enticing! Not only does 'miss me' have a lot on her plate, but I decided to pack more in, and e-mail Seattle Fashion Week. The producer of Seattle Fashion week e-mailed me back and gave me an opportunity to volunteer. Its a start! Not only a start but I was thrown into being a model for one of the designers. Me a model? It was bunches of fun and it gave me a chance to mingle with others in the industry. If you are wanting to also peruse a job in the industry, let me tell you what I realized during this adventure.... it is all about CONNECTIONS baby! I am hanging on and going for a ride to see where this leads me. It is always so fun to never know the unexpected! 

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