So many EOHS, it's crazy! Crazy enough that I spelled Shoe's backwards...silly me (or corny me)! SELLING different brands, sizes, colors, and fits to anyone that wants to stand out (Stand out in a inexpensive way--keyword 'inexpensive')! Give it a click and see if these little nuggets are right for you. My objective is to sell items that are usable and unique. I want to let everyone know that I am starting to sell more and more and hope to have items always available! Have a grandiose Week!

Get them HERE
Get these HERE (Click and find other fun shoes-sold by my cousin)

Get them HERE

Get these HERE


Buss said...

Ah soo many SEOH S!!! haha you are adorable. And all those stoob s are fantastic!

La Mode is Rad! said...

Love the first pair.


Stephanie said...

Awesome blog! loving your header!!

Thanks for stopping by leChic


v said...

,love the boots

Flashes of Style said...

All of these boots are fabulous! I am such a boot addict though, and I needn't another pair. Hehe but these are beautiful.

xs said...

lovin' those last pair of boots.