So many EOHS, it's crazy! Crazy enough that I spelled Shoe's backwards...silly me (or corny me)! SELLING different brands, sizes, colors, and fits to anyone that wants to stand out (Stand out in a inexpensive way--keyword 'inexpensive')! Give it a click and see if these little nuggets are right for you. My objective is to sell items that are usable and unique. I want to let everyone know that I am starting to sell more and more and hope to have items always available! Have a grandiose Week!

Get them HERE
Get these HERE (Click and find other fun shoes-sold by my cousin)

Get them HERE

Get these HERE


Buss said...

Ah soo many SEOH S!!! haha you are adorable. And all those stoob s are fantastic!

La Mode is Rad! said...

Love the first pair.


Stephanie said...

Awesome blog! loving your header!!

Thanks for stopping by leChic


Anonymous said...

,love the boots

Flashes of Style said...

All of these boots are fabulous! I am such a boot addict though, and I needn't another pair. Hehe but these are beautiful.

xs said...

lovin' those last pair of boots.