Isn't Life Interesting?

Today I got this e-mail from a friend that had gone to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam a while back, and he just added a fun picture for the heck of it and said I am going to be on his 'list' of people he sends updates to from his travels. Such a simple picture that means a lot. Have you ever thought to put your index finger on a spinning globe and point to a place around the world and think what they are doing right then and there....wonder what you where doing when this picture was taken?

Fun. Creative. Thoughtful.

Went to Yoga today, haven't gone in a really long time...very peaceful! I had time to think through a lot! Find a class and go everyone!


STARR said...

hmm interesting thought. That picture looks so uncomfortable too lol

hanna said...

Haha. I went to Vietnam last summer and those motorbikes were vicious. They were everywhere and I had no idea how they could fit an entire family in it! It was hilarious.