Marooned hits Fashion week..

Save the best for the last! This simple last picture I adore! It is so simple yet so brilliant. It is the same color underneath with two black bold statements. I do that all the time with my brown tall riding boots and my leopard scarf and leave the rest all black. Lets mix it up Kristina…lets go maroon next time! 

Credit: ELLE


Brigadeiro said...

Wow! What gorgeous photos/girls/outfits!

Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog, I wasn't sure if you'd get to read my comment there, so will answer your Q here as well:
I'm afraid I don't know where you can find these pants still, they have sold out everywhere I know (so sorry!), a friend of mine has also been looking for it, to no avail :( If I come across it I will let you know asap ;) Sorry I'm no help this time.

alixrose said...

Hi I hope the 10 pager isn't bringing you down. I am sure with a topic like that though you could probably write your own book.I love these pictures by the way. That last picture is fierce!